What happened to the good old days, when little girls would ask for ponies for their birthday?

‘My friends’ faces all looked much smoother. Although when I said “my forehead is wrinkly” they told me it was OK.’

She first became concerned about her wrinkly forehead as a 17-year-old schoolgirl. She grew a fringe and bought expensive anti-ageing creams but still felt uncomfortable with the way she looked.

So for her 18th birthday in May 2007 her mother bought her £160 Botox injections…. ‘Nothing else seemed to work.

This really should be a post about vanity, and the direction that our society is headed using technology to alter ourselves to reach some unattainable perfection. 

Instead, the post is going to be about this:


Um… yeah

Jodie said: ‘My mum’s always looked so glamorous and she uses cosmetic surgery and Botox to keep her looking young. I plan to follow in her footsteps.

Jodie.  Little bit of advice here.  You don’t want to look like that.

But if you do, save yourself some money and just adhere to a strict schedule of smashing your face into a wall for a few hours a day.  Same results, and you can put that extra cash into a college fund or something.

Glad I could help. 

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