Just in case you were interested, there’s a cutting-edge television show called “The Border” depicting the dramas and dangers of fictional border patrol agents as they battle the horrors of smuggling, terrorism and violence while struggling to keep their country safe.

Plots revolve around drug cartels, cross-border serial killers, kidnappings, and innocents being massacred by warlords.

Finally!  A show dramatizing the efforts of the US Customs and Border Patrol and the difficulties they face along the virtually open Mexican/American border?  Fighting for their lives against drug gangs armed to the teeth and pouring drugs and illegals into the US?

Nah.  Nothing going on down there.

The Border is about the untamed, virtual wild-west that is the US/Canadian border.

You know, because those guys have so many problems.  Like all of the illegal Americans trying to escape into Toronto, or some jazz.  Or all those geese flying back and forth.

Sounds exciting.


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